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Best Rooftop Bars in Lisbon

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Warm weather, sunny skies, and a views from nearly every balcony make Lisbon an ideal location for rooftop bars (and bar hoppers)!

After a long day hiking up the seven hills to see all the sites, it's time to rest your tiered feet and soak in the view from a more relaxed vantage point. Whether you're looking for a local ginjinha, a traditional port, or a modern mixed drink, Lisbon's rooftop bars have you covered! Here are my top three from my trip back in May/June of 2019.

#1 Terrance BA At Bairro Alto Hotel

This cozy rooftop bar looks out over the river, Ponte 25 de Abril, and the city of Lisbon. Known for their fun cocktails and local meat and cheese boards, Terrance BA is a must-see spot! It's a mix between your friendly neighbor's balcony and a classy restaurant, and reservations are usually required, especially if you want an unobstructed view.

Me and my bother clinking glasses of pink sangria on the rooftop bar at Terrance BA
Cheers to pink sangria!
A white candle over a cursive "Happy Birthday" stencil over a chocolate mousse
Happy birthday to this chocolate mousse!

My Experience at Terrance BA

I went to Terrance BA for my 25th birthday after spending the day exploring Sintra. I was a bit late for my reservation (that is its own story) and was really glad that the bar still saved our seats. We had one of the tables at the end of the patio and an unobstructed view of the sunset, the water, and the giant red bridge we'd driven over a few days before.

From a little before dusk until closing time, I sampled from charcuterie boards and every dessert on the menu (again, it was my birthday so the normal dinner rules did not apply). The chocolate mousse was my favorite, so rich and decadent. And it didn't hurt that my candle was in it!

For drinks, I loved the pink sangria! Plus, I tried ginjinha the way it was made to be enjoyed; sipped while sitting outdoors on a warm evening while the smell of flowers drifted over on an ocean breeze, unlike my first attempt at drinking ginjinha when I took it as a shot because a bar tender in a touristy area thought we'd get her recommendation was a joke. Do not take ginjinha as a shot. It is very sour, with a strong cherry and alcohol flavor, and you will end the shot saying "oof."

#2 Rio Maravilha

Part of LX Factory, this bar and restaurant have a very artsy, industrial vibe, but don't let the casual atmosphere fool you! This is a superb restaurant that adds a local Portuguese twist to everything it serves. I'd recommend going with a couple of people as most of the dishes are smaller plates made for sharing. The best views of the sunset are from inside the restaurant, but the outdoor patio bar has the best outlook over the water.

Foreground: Veal croquettes Background: Duck donuts
My one true love (veal croquettes) with some other women (duck donuts)
My cousin modeling in the golden light
When the lighting is this good, you need to model
Bubbly light pink drink with cinnamon and a lone basil leaf
The Pop Queen

My Experience at Rio Maravilha

Again, I was running a bit late for my reservation so I couldn't spend too much time walking around the LX Factory, but what I did see made me wish I had! There were so many cool stands selling clothing, jewelry, snacks, and art that was made around the city. Be sure to give yourself time to check it all out.

As for the restaurant, I was blown away by the lighting! Cocktails during golden hour felt like drinking on a movie set. The setting sunlight hit at just the right angle to make you glow without blinding you. The bridge hanging over the water made for the perfect back drop. I think I took a hundred photos just trying to capture the moment!

It wasn't until the food arrived that I could put my camera away, and only because the appetizers smelled delicious! We got the veal croquettes, duck donuts, beet salad (to be healthy), and bone marrow (to be adventurous). The veal croquettes were my favorite. The crunch, the warmth, the sauce! I could have eaten 5 orders of them every day for the rest of the trip. Phenomenal! The duck donuts were also heavenly, and the beet salad was surprisingly very good (I'm not a big beet fan). Would highly recommend both! The bone marrow was not for me, but I'd never had bone marrow before, so it was a learning experience. For dinner, we did a fish and a steak. Both were great! The fish tasted so fresh and the rump steak was seasoned really nicely. I really enjoyed the meal, but I honestly lost my mind over how spectacular the croquettes were.

#3 Park

Are you looking for a hidden gem that only the trendiest locals know about? Get ready for Park. This rooftop bar is hard to find at the top of a parking garage, but is worth the effort! Light wood and a variety of plants break this rooftop terrace up into quieter sections so you can sit and watch the sunset while sipping on a swanky mixed drinks.

My Experience at Park

When I first got to this address, I was very confused. It looked like a regular old parking garage; one that didn't smell great and had no elevator, but after walking up six flights of stairs, I saw the appeal! A trendy, wooden, open air bar with plants breaking up the rooftop into more intimate sections. We arrived just before sunset and the place was pretty crowded (and honestly a bit touristy). We weren't able to get a seat on one of the benches, but we were able to get our drinks in time to watch the show.

This was my last night in Lisbon, so I'd seen a few sunsets in the city, but this was the first time I was high enough to see it dip below the horizon without getting blocked by a nearby building. It was a beautiful sunset, and I loved getting so close to the bell tower of the historic church next door. It felt like a mix of very new and very old, which I loved, and it made for a great last night in Lisbon.

Pro tip: If you can't get a clear photo with the sunset, head back out the the garage. Over the stairwell is a little overhang that gives you a private view of the bell tower and orange glow.

No matter where you go in Lisbon, you can't go wrong sitting outside with your favorite drink in hand! My trip to Portugal was quick and jammed pack with sight-seeing, but some of the best moments were when I slowed down and drank in the city at these rooftop bars. So I hope you get the chance to sit back, breath in the evening air, and watch the sunset. Saúde!

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