Top 10 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Greener

Wheither you are months deep into a #zerowaste challenge or just trying to make your home a little more eco-friendly, there is always room for improvement and the bathroom is no exception! Between beauty products, moisturizers, and all things self-care, most bathrooms are full of plastic bottles, single-use items, and unnecessary waste. Here are a few tips to make your bathroom more eco-friendly that everyone can use, even renters, ordered by how much they impact your everyda

Waste-less Lunches

Going #wastefree can seem daunting or, if we're being honest, damn near impossible. Everything has some form of waste, right? If it doesn't have plastic packaging, it's grown somewhere super far away or goes bad before you can finish it all. To go waste free, you must need to plan every meal so far in advance and have an unlimited paycheck, that you might as well not even try! Well, take a deep breath. We're going to make having a greener lunch not only possible, but easy. 1.