7 Easy Tips to Travel Greener

Living a more eco-friendly life is never easy, but it is especially hard when traveling. You're out of your routine (in good way) and don't have all the same resources you would at home. You don't know if what you ordered will come in a plastic cup or glass, if there will be a straw or not, and, depending on where you go, you may not know if there is a greener way of getting around like you do when you're at home. But hope is not lost! Here are a few easy ways to travel while

Travel 102: Making a Cheap Flight Feel Luxurious

We'd all love to fly first class, sipping on champagne in a cozy blanket with plenty of leg room, but in reality, flying is expensive! There are often discount airlines you could take, but between the hidden fees and cut-corners, is it really worth it? Yes, but only if you're prepared. Before You Even Buy the Tickets There are tons of websites to chose from when looking for tickets (think Google Flights, Student Universe, Expedia, or Kayak), but they all work the same: using

Ultimate Guide to Amsterdam

An Run-down on the Netherlands and Amsterdam Situated between the North Sea, Belgium, and Germany, the Netherlands is a small European country famous for its picturesque tulip fields and windmills. Often referred to as Holland, the Netherlands is the birthplace of Van Gogh and Rembrandt and known for its distinct cheese and pottery (think white and blue clay clogs). While the nation's main language is Dutch, many people speak English, especially in Amsterdam. Fun fact: At the