Thrifting For Newbies

If you're into living green or documentaries, you've probably seen a lot on the downsides of fast-fashion. Creating materials by growing non-organic cotton or making synthetic fibers requires a lot of resources and generates tons of waste. Chemical dyes create toxic fumes and run-off, putting workers and the environments down-stream in danger. Working conditions are generally inhuman, with little if any compensation or safety measures taken to protect the people making our cl

7 Easy Tips to Travel Greener

Living a more eco-friendly life is never easy, but it is especially hard when traveling. You're out of your routine (in good way) and don't have all the same resources you would at home. You don't know if what you ordered will come in a plastic cup or glass, if there will be a straw or not, and, depending on where you go, you may not know if there is a greener way of getting around like you do when you're at home. But hope is not lost! Here are a few easy ways to travel while

Going Out Without Losing Your Plastic-free Mindset

It's not easy being green, but being eco-conscious doesn't have to limit what you do. You can have a fun night while still minimizing your footprint. You just have to keep your green goal in mind. Let’s start at the very beginning, what are you wearing? It’s easy to pass by a store and fall in love with something in the window. It's cheap, cute, and definitely your style, but fast-fashion is not your friend. It is one of the most wasteful industries both on the production sid